Warranty & Availability

Sonicboomaudio.com is the exclusive authorized Canadian retailer. No one comes between you and the folks that design, build, and ship your product. We want you to know you made the right choice in home audio when you buy, and well after you've set up your SVS product. E-mail us should you have a question or concern anytime during this process. Here are some of the other things we thought you might want to know when buying from us.

Five Year Warranty

45-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the performance of your SVS speaker or subwoofer, return it to us for a full refund of the purchase price. Just a few minor stipulations should you choose to do this:

  • Products must be returned in original shipping boxes.
  • E-mail sonicboomaudio.com for a return authorization number and display this on the outside of the box.
  • Subwoofer and/or speaker must be insured during return shipping.
  • Shipping costs are not refundable.

Five Year Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for subwoofers and associated components. Any product in need of repair must be returned to SVS, with shipping pre-paid. SVS will repair or replace any item at its discretion and return it to the customer as soon as possible. Naturally, this warranty does not cover any product subjected to misuse or accidental damage. Products which clearly have been abused will be subject to cost-based charges for repair. In some cases, repair parts can be sent when appropriate to expedite a "return to duty".

Except as provided above, sonicboomaudio.com makes no other warranties expressed or implied. Some states do not permit the limitation or exclusion of implied warranties, so exclusions may not apply to the purchaser.

The Bottom Line: We're proud of these subwoofers and speakers, and want you to be as happy owning them as we are selling them to you! Anything less is simply not acceptable. E-mail us if you have any warranty questions.


Note that while orders have been flooding in, SVS refuses to compromise hand-built quality or legendary attention to detail on each order, no matter how small or how big it might be. They could cut costs and increase profits by relaxing our standards, but they'd lose the first-hand connection with their customers. They're not gonna do it!

Are these speakers and subwoofers worth waiting a week or more for delivery? Absolutely! From our perspective, nothing else in the audio world comes close to the value SVS gives you. In case you missed it, a sampling of a few recent reviews gives you an idea of that. But if you must have a speaker or subwoofer right away, as in TODAY, well, we can provide a list of decent performers (no, nothing like SVS) that are available nearly everywhere.

Finally, regarding your sub or speaker, we won't keep you in the dark about the sound you are dreaming of. As noted, occasional back-orders are a fact of life in the e-commerce world, wondering about your order shouldn't be. Feel free to contact us, and we'll give you our best estimate on when yours will go out. Please include your order number, full name, and the sub you ordered when asking for an ETA. Some folks have many different e-mail addresses and nicknames! We man our e-mail accounts seven days a week.

Domestic Models

A lot of people have been asking about the stock that's not on sonicboomaudio.com.

"Where's the ULTRA series???" It's still available. You can put your heart back in your chest! Just contact us.

The models you cannot see are simply not warehoused by us at this time; however, we will happily custom order your choice of products at no extra cost. As sonicboomaudio.com is the only place to get SVS in Canada, you'll want to contact us about the sub that you need. That all said and done, your landed price will not increase, and you will still receive our north-of-the-border support. And of course, if you live in the Toronto area, you can pick up your gear locally!